Promote your corporate brand and build spirit with stylish clothing decorated with professional, custom embroidered logo designs.

Tandem Instructor is 1SG Bryan Schnell, Photograph taken by SSG Dave Wherley, Tandem Passenger is 41st President George H W Bush doing a tandem skydive on his 80th Birthday



Welcome to KK Stitches

KKstitches is your high quality, high value embroidery professional. If quality matters to your customers and associates, you need KKStitches.

Embroidery is the art of decorating a material using a needle and thread. Machine Embroidery can embellish just about any material that a needle can pierce. Embroidery can make a blank piece of material distinctive and personal.

Embroidery can be as creative, conservative, unconventional, and unique as you like. Either, come up with your own logo and wording, or you add a design from the 1000s of stock embroidery designs available. Also you can create your own design, or use our professional designer, and have it put into stitches.

if you are looking for even more promotional prooducts for your business or personal use continue to check out KK Stitches at the logomall. Check out all the products!


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